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Bipartisan Hawkeye Poll Shows Majority of Iowans support the UN

Iowa United Nations Association partnered with the University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll to investigate Iowans’ perceptions of the United Nations. More than 70% of Iowans believe the UN is an organization still needed today; almost 60% support continued US involvement in the UN; and more than half believe the UN supports American objectives.

When studying specific voting blocs, the poll found that 97% of Democrats and 76% of Republicans believe US involvement in the UN is important. In addition, bipartisan opinion regarding UN support for American objectives is over 50%.

“We are very pleased with the results,” said Iowa UNA Executive Director Andrea Cohen. “Our sister organization, Better World Campaign, conducts a nationwide public opinion poll every year to gauge American support for the UN and the key foreign policy issues facing our country. We were curious if Iowa reflected trends in the results. And they do! Nationwide, 79% of voters said the UN is an organization that is still needed today; 88% think it is for the United States to maintain an active role within the UN; and, 66% said the UN has been supportive of US objectives.”

Iowa Poll 2018 Pie Charts.jpg
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