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Iowa United Nations Association

Executive Director, Debra DeLaet

In addition to her role as Iowa UNA Executive Director, Debra DeLaet serves as the David E. Maxwell Distinguished Professor of International Affairs at Drake University. She has published several books, numerous articles, and book chapters on human rights, global health, and global gender issues.

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Board of Directors:

President: Tina Clair
1st Vice President: Eric Adae
2nd Vice President: Nancy Porter
Past President: John Fraser
Treasurer: Jo Dillon
Secretary: Maureen White
General Chair: Dorothy M. Paul

Umaru Balde
Ed Cranston
Barbara Eckstein
Sandra/Zoe Eskin
Edward Gallagher


Holly Jones
Caryl Lyons
Sr Annamarie 

Jane Shuttleworth
Ann Woodward

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