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#standup4humanrights with Iowa UNA on UN Day

Iowa United Nations Association invites you to a unique opportunity to hear internationally renowned human rights education expert Nancy Flowers engage in conversation with State Senator Joe Bolkcom, James McKinney Warden at Iowa Medical and Classification Center, and Adrien Wing, Director University of Iowa Center for Human Rights.


Every October, Iowa UNA honors UN Day to celebrate the anniversary of the UN’s founding on October 24, 1948. This year, UNA-USA’s national UN Day theme is “Human Rights, Close to Home” which recognizes community leaders supporting the UN’s commitment to human rights.


Bridging the Gap: A Conversation about Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Social Justice is an invitation to engage in dialogue as community members. Each speaker provides an essential perspective on these issues:

  • As a consultant to governments, nongovernmental organizations, and UN agencies, Nancy Flowers has helped establish national and international networks of educators, develop materials, and train activists and professionals in many countries. She is the author and editor of articles and books on human rights education.

  • As a lawmaker, Senator Bolkcom is in a crucial position to explain the multi-faceted role of legislators in fulfilling the state's role to protect the human rights of its citizens, and the need for constitutional support.

  • Warden McKinney has clearly demonstrated his rehabilitation/restorative justice perspective and is in a crucial position to explain his multi-faceted approach in balancing the contradictory objectives of social justice for inmates and punishment for crimes committed.

  • As a long-time human rights defender, Professor Wing clearly expresses the importance of human rights education when she talks about inspiring the next generation and making the world a place where justice might prevail.


The local UN Day event takes place at a pivotal moment for the U.S.-UN relationship, as policymakers on Capitol Hill consider funding cuts that would threaten UN priorities. During the event, attendees will be encouraged to sign a petition in support of a resolution currently pending in the U.S. House of Representatives to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

WHEN:    Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 2:00 – 4:00 PM


WHERE:  Old Brick, 20 East Market Street, Iowa City, IA

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